Monday, February 14, 2005

Blogger Fantasy

I've been reading other people's blogs for the past year or so, sometimes even posting comments. In fact, I've been spending too much time reading other folks' blogs, mostly political blogs, but some humorous types. It's been taking time away from reading books, something I used to do a lot more of before I began spending so much time staring at this screen. So why start my own blog?

First, I'm in charge of the topic. I post about what I want, when I want . . . if I have time. I do have a job. Second, I have this fantasy. I'm a big time blogger, with lots of readers, paid ads, links to other big-time bloggers, spending hours sifting through important events of the day, offering clever, bare-knuckle commentary, being viciously attacked by foolish detractors, etc.

I decide to take a break. I head over to a fancy martini bar, the kind that attracts an upper middle class clientle, people who have much more disposable income than I have, and who can order imported beers, aged scotch, absurdly expensive cognacs, fancy, candy-flavored martinis, and still leave a generous tip for the bartender.

I take my place at the bar inbetween groups of young professionals unwinding after a busy day, trying to add some fun to their otherwise boring existence, avoiding the fact that all they have to go home to is a 40" plasma TV with a surround sound home theater system.

Because of my big-time blogger demeanor, I fit right in. They almost take me for one of their own, but they can see that there is something more to me. I can't help the fact that the women in the group become attracted to me. They begin to ignore the other males in the crowd even when those suited males boast about their new BMWs, exotic vacations, time share condos on golf courses around the world, rolex watches, stock options, early mint condition issues of Spiderman, and all kinds of other fancy treasures.

I focus on one of these lovely prosperous women to hold a spellbinding conversation with.

"I like your pajamas", she tells me, "I especially like the Bugs Bunny design."

"Thanks," I respond, "I'm a big fan of that wascally wabbit."

"Do you always wear them when you go out?"

"Most of the time. I never know when I may have to get back to the computer in a hurry for an emergency post. I don't always have the time to change into my work-jammies. We big-time bloggers are on call 24/7. We're like doctors or plumbers in that respect."

"I didn't know that. Your pajamas have feet."

"Baby, it's cold outside, and I hate wearing slippers."

We have a few more drinks, a spot of dinner (she buys), and then we head back to my place. It would be vulgar to describe any more than that, so you're on your own now.

Remember: you can make this fantasy come true.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to Garbanzo Toons.

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At 3:08 PM, Blogger Abucana said...

Is it really what you're dreaming of ? Do you think it's a good idea to put your dream in someone else's hands ? I think you could have more power on it ;o)
Anyways, I had fun reading your post.


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