Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bias at Newsweek?

According to Newsweek's recently added Blog Watch feature,
Iraq continues to bedevil Coalition forces and the new Iraqi government. University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole offers a sober perspective at
. Thinking that Newsweek wouldn't lie to a long time subscriber like me, (even though they have maliciously dumped on Daniel Pipes in the past, and heaped unwarranted praise on The Daily Kos) I sauntered over for a look.

If you're looking for a gleeful recounting of the latest suicide bombings, defeatism, and the wish for terrorist victories, this is your blog. For actual sober perspective Democracy in Iraq, Healing Iraq, Iraq at a Glance, or some of the other Iraqi bloggers might better serve your interests. You can also check out the latest by Jack Kelly in today's Jewish World Review. Mr. Kelly's perspective makes a lot more sense than that of Mr. Juan-Body Count-Cole.

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