Friday, August 05, 2005

More Idiocy from the U.N.

From a link at Atlas Shrugs, there is this article. Some "experts" at the U.N. decided that
The barrier Israel is building to seal off the West Bank is a violation of Israel's human rights obligations
No surprise there. According to the U.N. (You can't spell corruption without the U.N.-IMAO) the existance of Israel has become a violation of human rights. Here is the list of "experts"
The independent experts, who are appointed by the 53-nation UN Human Rights Commission, are Yakin Erturk, who reports on violence against women; Miloon Kothari, housing; Vernor Munoz Villalobos, education; Paul Hunt, health; Doudou Diene, racism; Leila Zerrougui, arbitrary detention; Sigma Huda, trafficking; and John Dugard, conditions in the Palestinian territories.
Let's see, we've got the experts on - violence against women, education, racism, health, arbritrary detention, and trafficking; yet they have nothing to say about conditions in any of the Muslim countries, or Zimbabwe? HEY, MILOON KOTHARI! Ain'tcha heard that Mugabe is bulldozing houses and gardens of the poor? The ones who won't leave are jailed. Of course the ones who do leave most likely starve. Shouldn't you be saying something about that? YO, YAKIN ERTURK! Don'tcha know about the tribulations faced by women in Muslim societies just because they're born as women? It begins with genital mutilation! And then there's rape and forced marriage! And there are more outrages, enough to keep a whole gaggle of U.N. experts busy for the rest of their useless lives. So if I've been too subtle, I'll repeat myself. Examine conditions in the Muslim world you dolts!

With this kind of entrenched idiocy, how much reforming can even John Bolton do?

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