Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reprinting THE Cartoons

With the Danish Mohammed cartoons posted all over the web, it may, by now, be an empty gesture on my part, but there are a number of reasons for posting them.

1. Most of the main stream media is too craven. They talk big, pretending that they talk truth to power, but now that they may suffer in some way by doing so, they are suddenly against offending religion. So much for the first amendment.

2. Denmark isn't in this alone. What ever rights the Danes lose through appeasement, we will all lose eventually.

3. Islamic hatemongers are using this as another tactic to force us into dhimmitude.

4. The world has not declared war on Islam. Islam has declared war on the world. Some people in the West don't want to admit that fact. It's so much easier to pretend that Islam is the religion of peace, and hope it will be their children and not them who will be condemned to dhimmitude.

5. I'm sick of the monumental hypocricy of the Islamists, their supporters, enablers, and useful idiots who expect us to accept the double standard between Islam and the rest of the world, where Muslims are never responsible for the violence they perpetrate against the rest of us, and the rest of us are Islamophobes for defending ourselves against them.

6. I'm sick of Muslim societies blaming all of their ills on others, especially the Jews.

7. My grandparents and great grandparents left Russia and Poland 100 years ago to come to America. They worked, and built businesses, and created families so that their children and grandchildren could live in freedom, and have all of the opportunities they were denied by Russian despots. I will not allow their sacrifices to have been made in vain.

8. Just as during the Passover seder we read how Moses and the Children of Israel left bondage in Egypt for our sake, so I try to do my tiny part in the battle against Islamic totalitarianism for the sake of my children and future decendents.

9. Everyone should be able to see these pictures and know what the uproar is about. They need to see the trivial provocations Muslims need to engage in violence and mayhem. And it seems that everything is a provocation to some in the Muslim Ummah.

10. The violence really began due to other cartoons peddled around the Middle-East, but falsely presented as being done by Danish cartoonists. And the MSM still panders to them.

11. Cartoonists, artists, and newspaper editors are having to live under guard and in fear, with the very real fear of ending up murdered like Theo Van Gogh.

12. As the Ummah grows, everyone else's piece of the planet shrinks. As we in the West take pride in our tolerance of others, and allow them to live in peace, we are not accorded the same privilege by Islam. Their hypocricy, their lies, and their hatred for anything non-Muslim has to be exposed and admitted.

And just for good measure, I added this Larry Wright cartoon, that the Detroit News pulled from their website because people from guess-which-religious-group were offended.

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