Monday, September 11, 2006

Muslims Under Suspicion

The headline to the Detroit Free Press article reads, "Stares, whispers take toll on metro Muslims". My first thought was, guns and SUVs take a bigger toll on American infidels. Saturday it was the Detroit News opening up their pages to the Muslims of Dearborn who held daily rallys this summer in support of Hezbollah. Today, on the fifth anniversary of the most deadly attack on Americans and on American soil form Muslims, we are supposed to worry about the feelings of Muslims.
"You have two options -- hide or come forward," Hassanain Rajabali declared at the Islamic Center of America on a recent Friday night. "Step up to the plate. ... Islam is under attack."
WRONG! The world is under attack from Islam! And it has been for the past 1300 years.
"How can you justify our existence in this country?" a Lebanese-American woman from Dearborn asked. She is concerned her tax dollars were funding Israeli weapons.
She is probably much less concerned that her charity dollars may be funding Hezbollah and Hamas, or as they refer to them in Dearborn, "the resistance". That would be the resistance to peace, the resistance to tolerance, the resistance to peaceful coexistance with non-Muslims, especially Jews. Resistance to progress, resistance to freedom, resistance to humanity, resistance to anything that is not blind obedience to a twisted theology that worships death.
In last week's edition of the Muslim Observer, a newspaper published in Farmington Hills, a front-page story claims that United Airlines Flight 93 -- the plane that crashed into a Pennsylvania field after it was hijacked on Sept. 11 by Al Qaeda terrorists -- was actually shot down by U.S. F-16 fighter jets. And there have been complaints about the tone of some Muslim protesters in Dearborn at demonstrations this summer.
There, some of that famed "balance" that the MSM reveres.

Does the MSM really think we're that stupid? They're making me crabby!

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