Saturday, August 02, 2008

Rosie O'Donnell, Enemy of Literacy

I don't know much about Rosie O'Donnell except that she gets into arguments with other famous people like Donald Trump. From what I've read about these arguments, she seems to be thin skinned and a backstabber. I could be wrong. It's just my impression. Today, it was reported that she is ending her blog. Normally, I wouldn't care. I didn't even know she had a blog. But some if it was reprinted. This is how she writes.

earthquake in la
i flew in the night b4 the big one
january 94

b4 parker was born
i was in rehearsals for GREASE
we were opening in boston
i was needed in hollywood

as betty rubble
was shooting a macdonalds commercial
mc rib
if my mc memory is right

i was at the 4 seasons
bumped out of bed
it sounded like a runaway train
in the next room

robert klein was in the lobby
talking to the shaken concierge
"so- the mnm's rolled out of my mini bar -
will i b charged for them?"

cracking us all up at once
tension breaker
lil comedy never hurts
when u r scared
She claims to love children and pretends to be an advocate for children. But if she really wants to help, she will stop writing like an illiterate teenager, and start writing like an adult. Maybe it's because I'm a teacher, and work hard to get children to write in English, using the mechanics of English so that they can be understood, but I cringe just looking at it. I wouldn't accept her blog writing from a second grader. It's obscene for an adult who claims to want the best for children to write like that. Would she accept that from her own children? I was once even accused by a student of teaching the way I do so that my students can sound intelligent.

I didn't link to it because I find it offensive. So if you're interested, you will have to google it on your own.

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At 11:06 PM, Blogger Humble wife said...

Funny in a sad way.

I was banned from commenting on her blog because I left a comment about the war in Iraq.

I chalk that up as a fine award! By the way I went to her blog because I read about her post on the war via one of the pundits.

Oh and I wasn't rude, I just cited facts and data that she chose to ignore or to lie about.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Jungle Mom said...

Yuck! That is all I can manage... yuck...

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Harry said...

I don't think Rosie handles disagreement very well. She is always right and if you disagree, you must be punished.

I'm not easily offended, but this is foul.


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