Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Plight of the Palestinians: Part II

Oh those poor, wretched, abused, oppressed Palestinians. Or at least that's what the world's Israel bashers want us to believe. And we are also supposed to naively believe that all of their suffering, all of it, yes every single bit of it, is the fault of those nasty, cruel, unfeeling, Jewish Zionists next door in The Zionist Entity - uh - I mean Israel. The previous post quoted Melanie Phillips on how things are improving in the West Bank now that the primary occupation of young job age Palestinians, terrorism, has been made much less rewarding thanks to the roundly condemned, yet completely nonlethal, nonviolent, obviously effective separation barrier. The Islamic press, and in this case, the website, Paltoday Network, as a huge stakeholder in the demonization of Israel, runs articles like this one, in English to string along the progressive Western dupes into feeling sympathy for Palestinian terrorists who may be released in exchange for Gilad Shalit, and their families. Maybe I'm not progressive or enlightened enough, or maybe I'm just too cold hearted, but I can't understand how anyone would have sympathy for this murderous scumbag and his family:
The list is said to include Abdelhadi Ghuneim, who killed 16 Israelis in 1989 when he drove a bus off a cliff outside Jerusalem.

Umm Thair, his 38-year-old wife, said the bus plunge came the day after their first son was born more than 20 years ago.

“Abdelhadi refused to come see his son Thair the day he was born because he was afraid it would affect his resolve,” she said.

“But I am hopeful he will come back to us soon as part of the agreement and oversee his son’s engagement, so he can make up for what he’s missed.”
And yet for the true Israel hater, I'm sure that does elicit some sympathy - which tells you a lot about the people working to undermine the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, in Arabic, when speaking to an audience who is in on the whole false image, Paltoday runs articles like this. I don't read or speak Arabic, but I can look at the photos, and those Gazans look like they have plenty. Perhaps an improving Gazan economy can be due to the fact that terrorism is not as rewarding as it once was in Gaza too. Thanks to, well - I'm really pressing the point here, but maybe those Israelis, by clamping down on Gazan terrorists have helped Gaza take a few small steps toward economic self-sufficiency. Curse those Israelis and their forcing Palestinians toward honest labor and wealth creation! Curse them! How can they be so oppressive?

But there's more:
Israel has allowed thousands of trucks, bearing tens of thousands of tons of food, goods and equipment into Gaza, but the United Nations has claimed several times that a humanitarian crisis is “imminent.”

Statistics provided by the Palestinian Authority show that unemployment in the Gaza area dropped in the second quarter this year by 20 percent from 45.5 percent in the second quarter of 2008.
Statistics provided by the Palestinian Authority show that unemployment in the Gaza area dropped in the second quarter this year by 20 percent from 45.5 percent in the second quarter of 2008.
Officials also said that construction has stopped because Hamas has taken workers from their jobs.

The sad fact though, is that even if the whole article were translated into English along with ten thousand photos, for the truly deluded it would make very little difference. They've invested too much of their lives into their irrational hatred for mere facts to get in the way of their position.

For more analysis of the duplicitous reporting, you can go here, where at least some of the reporters do speak and understand Arabic. For the original link to the Gazan shenanigans, go here.


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