Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Outrageous Discrimination or Simple Sharia?

From an article in USA Today,
According to Islamic bioethics, a Muslim patient's first choice of a doctor would be one who is also Muslim and of the same sex. Second choice would be a non-Muslim of the same sex, followed by a Muslim of the opposite sex and a non-Muslim of the opposite sex, Padela and his co-author write.
No big deal, right? After all, we must all reach out to our new Islamic neighbors and meet their every need, respond to their every whim, and generally succumb to whatever irrational and hateful demands they may inflict upon us. If a Muslim rejects a Jewish doctor because that doctor might be a - gasp - Zionist, we must, for some reason, accept that.

Wait. Did that come out right? Maybe, maybe not. But if my first choice of a doctor was based on religion, or ethnicity, or sex, I would be accused of being a hatemonger, or a racist, or sexist, or some other overused and increasingly meaningless label. But as some religions are more equal than others, this is merely a simple bit of information. So keep that information in mind the next time you or someone you know is accused of being intolerant due to a choice they or you make that is based on your feelings or self-interest.

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At 10:20 PM, Blogger Happy Elf Mom said...

I know plenty of ladies who prefer a female physician, especially obstetrician. I also know of Christian networks where people find out which doctors believe what and make choices accordingly.

I actually don't have a problem with people deciding on their primary care physician in this manner (though bullying for your pick in a hospital or ER situation is overdoing). It would make for a smoother relationship anyway. I remember one doctor chewed out my older son when he was three because he expressed belief that God could heal sickness. To me, that's bullying. I don't see where I should need to deal with physicians who are not tolerant of MY lifestyle, and daggone it that means not asking about birth control just because it's standard medical practice, yk? Tolerance works both ways... I'm willing to work with a doctor who can be tolerant, but it's just easier to pick one that thinks the same way you do in the first place. :)

At 4:50 AM, Blogger Harry said...

OK, interesting point of view. That's something I hadn't considered.


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