Sunday, March 04, 2012

Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel

Obama gave his speech at AIPAC today. He tried to mollify a room full of Jews and continue to make them believe that he is on Israel's side in their continuous fight for survival. Last year those idiots gave him a standing ovation. Since then it should be even more obvious that it's not that he doesn't care about Israel. He despises Israel. He is firmly on the side of the genocidal Palestinians.

While he doesn't like Israel, and probably doesn't care much for Jews except for the turncoats who aren't very comfortable with the concept of Judaism or with being Jewish, the ones who will sell out Israel and the Jewish community to any powerful political figure who will promise to be their friend and make them popular, he absolutely, one hundred percent, loves that Jewish money. As long as there are enough wealthy Jews who refuse to admit that Obama is endangering not only Israel, a country they may or may not care about, but he is creating a darker future for their children.

With that in mind, I would like to present for your entertainment and information (more for your information) a short movie about Obama's record on Israel. It's long by Internet standards, but it's well worth watching if you care about the future of the United States and Western civilization, because without Israel, the U.S. and the West will fall.

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