Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Duke Ellington on Reprise

Being a jazz fan, I love Mosaic box sets. If things were better financially, I'd have a lot more. I hesitated ordering the Reprise Duke Ellington set because, well, he does Mary Poppins, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and some other tunes that just sounded like they had to be cheesy. I was wrong.

As any Mosaic fan knows, it's now out of print, so you can imagine my elation when I scored a copy from a used record shop. The best part was, I got it for $51.00.

The music on this set is superb. Duke arranged all of the tunes to make them his. The band is in fine form, alto sax doesn't get any better than Johnny Hodges, and while there are some tunes that are less than golden, this is a set well worth having.

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