Thursday, March 17, 2005

Too sensitive for my own good?

Last Saturday The Detroit News ran a commentary by Iman Mohammed Ali Elahi. He's a regular whose occasional Saturday column rotates with those of religious leaders from other faiths. A regular theme of his columns is the alleged rise in anti-Muslim bigotry. He never mentions the government sponsored anti-semitism being taught to school children in Muslim countries though.

His other main theme is that although there are Muslim "extremists", there are also Christian and Jewish extremists. Never mind that there are no Christian or Jewish extremists hijacking airplanes to fly them into buildings. Neither are they bombing nightclubs, trains, busses, police stations, random crowds of innocent bystanders; invading elementary schools, training their children to become "martyrs" by strapping bombs to their bodies to kill "infidel" children, stabbing film makers . . . uh-oh, am I demonstrating an anti-Muslim bias? Sorry, just trying to reinforce a point that's been made innumerable times.

In this last column the Iman claims: "There are Jewish extremists who believe those do not confess the Torah must be killed". As Jews do not "confess the Torah", I wondered where the Iman got this wacky quote. On a google search I found my answer at the website for the National Socialist Movement, an American Nazi organization. It's
number 26 of their phony Talmudic Quotations from their Phony Talmudic Quotations page.

In my outrage, I emailed the News, my rabbi, some friends, and various Jewish outlets with bigger voices than I have. My rabbi expressed concern as did some of my friends, but the bigger voices haven't responded at all. That makes me wonder, am I becoming too sensitive to a poorly hidden anti-semitic libel? Is my life turning into an old Woody Allen movie? Am I becoming one those types I learned to make fun of back in the 60s and 70s; the ones who were constantly warning us of the Communist Menace and the dangers of the UN?

If I am, I'm certainly going to make the best of it! My children are not going to grow up to be second class citizens in a Muslim dominated world!

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