Monday, May 16, 2005

Shut Up and Get Over It!

Here's something from Mohammed Daraghmeh of the Associated Press which was run in today's Detroit Free Press.It seems the Palestinians are still upset that Israel exists. If only they would have said something!

For them, it's a day of outrage and mourning. Why? Because all of their problems are caused by Israel. In the article a Hamas member, while calling for the destruction of Israel, refers to it as a "cancer". Mahmoud Abbas, Israel's partner in peace(?!?!) had this to say,
"Our people will never forget, and the generations will never forget," Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in a speech aired on Palestine TV. "On that day, a crime was committed against a people who were uprooted from their land and whose existence was destroyed and who were forced to flee to all areas of the world."
I'm sure he was holding an olive branch in his outstretched hand as he made that statement.

Surprisingly, no mention was made of Jews who were uprooted, forced to flee to Israel, or murdered in pogroms throughout the Muslim world in the Twentieth Century. Nor was there any mention of the many and varied contributions made by Israelis.

As I constantly tell my elementary school students: People who are failures make excuses. Successful people don't have to. Someone needs to tell that to the Palestinian people.

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