Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The President's Speech

He made his case to the American people. The left, I'm sure, from the first words out of the President's mouth, began picking his speech apart. All the critiques will be all of the newspapers tomorrow. John Stewart will make fun of it on The Daily Show tonight. Ho hum.

I'm wondering (I don't like to predict) if my beloved(?!) Detroit Free Press will gather reactions from this country's largest Arab-Muslim community, since it just happens to be right here in Dearborn Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Will the Detriot News offer Imam Elahi a column this Saturday so he can give one of his usual fair, non-biased, even-handed editorials? Muslims must be given a chance to respond, you understand. To not give them a forum might bring down charges of "Islamophobia".

Now the president, even though he spoke at length about the terrorist threat, terrorists, and the War on Terror, never said the words, "Muslim" or "Arab". Some folks are sensitive when it comes to talking about terrorists because well, let's face it. Who have the terrorists been?

I will post tomorrow as to whether any Muslim leaders are interviewed.



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