Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Left Loves Failure and Hates Success

There was an article in the Sunday Detroit News about Merab Morgan who lost 37 pounds eating nothing but McDonald's for 90 days. We know that she will get nowhere near the publicity that Morgan Spurlock received for his "documentary" slamming McDonald's for his weight gain. There are two differences in the stories beyond the gaining and losing of weight. One is that Merab Morgan took responsibility for what she ate while Morgan Spurlock didn't. I'll return to that later.

The second difference is that we are supposed to hate McDonald's. The left has been conditioning us to hate all chains, whether they be food, clothing, convenience, or a combination. The bigger the chain, the more we are supposed to hate them. Look at Wal-Mart. Not only are we being encouraged to hate them. We must also fear them. We are told that they will drive down wages, they will destroy our downtowns. All of those wonderful "mom-and-pop" operations that used to supply our needs back in the "good-old-days" will be put out of business. They will destroy competition!

There are times I shop at the local chain store. And while I'm not a big McDonald's fan, I love Taco Bell. I don't know if I would eat there every day, but I wouldn't mind eating there more often.

Shopping at a chain store though, I miss the surprise of what you can find in an independent store that you might not find in a chain superstore due to the expected consistancy of a chain. When I travel, I most certainly go to the local businesses rather than the chains to get the flavor of the place I'm visiting. My feelings are mixed, but I patronize both chains and independent operations. The fact that the independent stores and restaurants still exist and are still being opened by entrepreneurs shows the argument of reduced competition to be invalid.

I thought that part of the mistrust of national chains may be due to nostalgia, but when I recall other bogey-men of the left, I think there's a deeper, darker reason. Let's look at some other loves and hates of the left. I'm going to generalize like crazy here, realizing that not everyone on the left shares all of these loves and hates exactly, but the loudest ones on the left and those folks far to the left certainly do.

They hate Capitalism - and love Socialism and Communism.
They hate Christianity and Judaism - and love Atheism and Islam.
They hate Israel - and love Palesinians.
They hate Western culture - and love various other cultures.
They hate G.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan - and love Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
They hate the military - and love pacifism.
They hate Rush Limbaugh - and love Al Franken
They hate Condoleeza Rice and Ward Connerly - and love Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton
They hate responsibility - and love blame.

I'm sure there are more, but if you look at what the left hates vs. what they love, what do you notice?

I notice that everthing and everyone they hate has been successful at creating weatlth, freedom, or both. Sure, they offer reasons for hating all of the things on the hate list; colonialism, lack of empathy, stupidity, occupation, a perceived bias, etc. They will never admit that Capitalism has brought more wealth and freedom to more people than Communism, a systems that actually destroyed wealth and freedom, and brought misery and death to millions. They are always willing to condemn Capitalism as being "unfair", while excusing the faults of communists because their motives are "noble and unselfish".

They continue to denigrate Reagan and Bush who succeeded in freeing millions from tyranny, but laud Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, whose weak, milquetoast foreign policies and decisions insured that millions would remain under the thumb of vicious terror-supporting rulers, who grew stronger under their presidencies.

They go nuts trying to destroy Rush Limbaugh who unabashedly celebrates and takes pride in his success and the success of his country, while they worship Air America, an entity that sees only evil in the success of the West. They print the nastiest, most racist bile about Condoleeza Rice, who worked hard to enter the corridors of power, but show respect to Al Sharpton who began his rise to power with the Tawana Brawley Affair and continues as a race huckster.

I could go on, but the pattern I see is that the left hates success. The most successful country in the Middle-East is the only Democracy and the most despised by the left - Israel. And yet, they love and actively support the Palestinians who have squandered billions in foreign aid over the years, who take no interest in actually developing a functioning society or even the skills to build a functioning society; who are so mired in Jew-hatred that they train their children to dream of strapping bombs to their bodies to murder Jewish children. Somehow the left sees more to admire in this vile culture than in an Isreali culture that has built a free, democratic country from nothing and at the same time works to build a better world. Again, they use the "occupation" for their twisted view, but they also refuse to learn the real history of the Middle-East so they could separate the truth from the lies. They demand perfection from the West but excuse the worst excesses of everyone else.

Even in Europe and the United States, Jews are villified for succeeding against all odds, while Muslims in their seething, and whining, and refusal to take responsibility for their failures, are excused in their hatred for anything Western and refusal to become members of the Western countries they've emigrated to. Never mind that the Muslim countries are almost as dysfunctional as the Palesinian masses. For the most part, they are a chain of poverty-stricken, tyrannical countries, who, rather than trying to innovate and create, try to move themselves and the entire world backward into an insane 8th century theocracy. Even Saudi Arabia with billions from oil can't create anything on its own. All of its expertise is imported. The left loves them, because these failed societies hate the successful, wealthy West.

Notice also, that the left, and the Muslims, and the Communists before them blame the West and Capitalism for their failures. They refuse to take responsibility for their own pathologies that lead to these failures. And they hate those who do take responsibility for creating their own wealth - the brave entrepreneurs who built Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Borders, and the other big chains. They hate the even braver members of our military who put their lives on the line so that we (and they) can continue to enjoy freedom. I don't recall from any of my history books any pacifists who stopped Communist, Nazi, or Islamic invaders. These barbarians were all stopped by strong militaries.

When did this perversion start? Didn't we used to celebrate success? Didn't we admire those of us who made it to the top? Now even among some of the richest among us (Hollywood) it's become trendy to degrade the people who sacrificed to build this civilization. When you look at how these rich entertainers who degrade those who succeeded by working for a living, it becomes even more sickening.

That, to me, is the worst aspect of the left. I'm sure they don't see it that way, but they wouldn't admit it if they did.

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At 6:20 AM, Blogger Rancher said...

This started when people learned that there was money to be made by being a victim. Lawyers sought after victims and early on legitimate victims were there. People discriminated against, unsafe products, etc. were there for the tacking. However when that pond eventually dried up the lawyers had to be more creative. People too stupid to properly use products and others, such as smokers, that didn’t take responsibility for their actions. So now my hammer has a warning label that says striking hammer on head may cause injury.


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