Sunday, August 28, 2005

A View of the Israeli disengagement

The Detroit News ran a great column by Rabbi Aaron Bergman on the Israeli disengagement from Gaza, with a bit of background.
I have never been prouder of Israel or prouder to be a Jew than I have been this past week during Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Israel did what almost no country has ever done. It gave back land it won from a war declared by enemies whose goal was to destroy it.

Israel did so without financial gain and without any guarantees that its enemies would stop trying to eradicate it from the earth.

[. . .]

Arab leaders have had numerous chances from 1948 to 1967 to create a Palestinian state when they controlled all those territories. They never attempted to do so. They did not even protest the expulsion of the Palestinians from Kuwait during the Gulf War.

Their interest in a Palestinian state is as a tool to get rid of Israel. Each leader knows the strategic value of the Palestinian territory and would never risk letting a rival take control. Egypt, in particular, fears that Hamas, an internationally recognized terror organization, will invite the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist terrorist group dedicated to overthrowing the secular Egyptian government, into Gaza.
It's refreshing when Israel is presented in a positive light in the generally anti-Israel main stream press.

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