Sunday, October 02, 2005

Anglicans for Israel

The Anglican Church, as I've read, has become one of the denominations denying the truth surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian situation, has bought into the Muslim-inspired, anti-semitic lies, and has joined the Presbyterians and others in blaming Israel for all of the troubles in the Middle East. As I have also discovered, there are members within all of these denominations who have kept their moral compass intact and are active in the battle to support Israel. One of them is Anglicans for Israel. I originally found them on Melanie Phillips' site. Their stated aims are:

1. To resist the call for a boycott of Israel.

2. To support the people of Israel and to secure defensible borders for the State of Israel.

3. To promote bonds of fellowship and interfaith understanding between Anglicans and the Jewish people.

4. To recall the Church to G-d's Covenant with the Jewish people and to call the Church to affirm the centrality of Israel to the Jewish faith.

5. To call Anglicans to repentance for the wrongs-of both word and deed- inflicted by Christians on the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

6. To fight all libels against Israel and the Jewish people and their State.

7. To promote reconciliation and ties of friendship between the people of Israel and the righteous Arabs who oppose terrorism and wish to have peaceful relations with Israel.

8. To protect the Christian communities threatened by Islamic extremism in the Middle East.

9. To bring the Church back to an understanding of the Jewish roots of our faith.
They're obviously on the side of honesty and morality.

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