Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More anti-Israel bias

In this article about political cartoonists in the Mideast, I find it strange that they couldn't find a pro-Israel political cartoonist.
Baha Boukhari, a Palestinian cartoonist from the West Bank, flashed slides of his art showing Israel's separation barrier crushing a dove and cutting through a soccer field. He said the cartoons depict how the wall has disrupted the peace process and the lives of West Bank residents.


Boukhari said the interaction with his Israeli counterparts would help promote public discourse. "That is why I am a cartoonist," he said. "I'm the kind of person who looks for facts."
And once he finds the facts he twists and turns them inside out.

I'm certainly not surprised that the Palestinian cartoonist blames the Israeli security barrier for the stalled "peace process". Palestinians have a huge blind spot when it comes to their own terrorist groups. Bus bombings and shootings along highways don't hamper peace, but the attempt to end the murder of Israelis does. That the press still buys into that lie is disturbing. It's even more disturbing (but not surprising) that the Israeli cartoonist they interviewed was
critical of the violent resistance of some Jewish settlers to Israel's recent withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

To counter the Palestinian and MSM profound anti-Israel bias, and moral inversion, check out The Dry Bones Project and Cox and Forkum

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