Friday, November 25, 2005

Religious Insanity?

I didn't believe it when I stumbled across it, and I'm still not sure I believe it after taking a good look at what they offer. If Jews for Jesus isn't insulting enough, now there is an organization calling itself Jews for Allah. They talk about creating peace by converting Jews to Islam. But they give themselves away here on their FAQ page:
question; Why are we only inviting Jews to Islam?

1) Peace, only love can conquer hate, Israel is a spigot in the throat of the Muslim world and Islam is our cure.
and here on their "Muslims OBLIGATION to convert Jews" page:
The Israelis who are afraid (due to ignorance) of Islam are knocking down Muslim homes, forcing Muslims to stand for hours at check points and arresting hundreds of Muslims. The time it will take to rebuild one of those demolished homes (and buildings) or stand at a check point or sit in captivity, locked in a Israeli prison is a massive amount of time. If we don't give Jews our time, they will take much more of our time, maybe our lives, they do have advanced weaponry and nuclear warheads. You do have a few minutes to dispel the myths Jews have towards Islam, right ???
In their "love" for Jews, they spread the same anti-semitic lies, show the standard Islamic refusal to take responsibility for their vile, murderous actions, and take the convenient route of blaming the Jews for Islamic societal dysfunction. They do, however, give an important warning to Jews:
The Trinitarian Christian group “Jews for Jesus” has converted 300,000 Jews. The Jews endured the Crusades and Holocaust at the hands of the Christians, and Christianity teaches that the Laws of Moses are like rags to be done away with, yet nearly half a million Jews accepted Christianity, so then can it be that hard to Convert a Jew?
It is up to us Jews to strengthen our religious bonds and institutions so that we and our children don't become easy targets for those who would wipe us from the Earth.

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At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Jewish community is serious about embracing those who have entered the church, it must understand and address the issues that led those Jews to seek a religious experience outside of Judaism. There must be a real meeting of the minds and an embracing of the deep spiritual heritage that embraces the God of our fathers who calls us to love Him with all our heart, mind, and strength.


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