Sunday, December 25, 2005

Melanie Phillips on the Australian Riots

The invaluable Melanie Phillips has the skinny on the riots down under. You know, the ones being caused by white racists and men of "middle eastern appearance", or as Melanie Phillips correctly refers to them, Muslims.
There is no doubt that Australia’s worsening civil disorder, in which Muslims and indigenous Aussies have been fighting pitched battles now for days, has been caused in part by white racists. However, the widespread spin that has been placed on this disorder, that it has been caused by white racists and that what it reveals is that, under its veneer of multiculturalism, Australia is a fundamentally racist society positively heaving with people with despicable views who have been itching to have a pop at blameless Lebanese Muslims, is very wide of the mark. For it appears that the current unrest was sparked by Lebanese Muslim attacks on two indigenous lifeguards, and that this was only the tip of an iceberg of aggression by this minority which — thanks to the censorship imposed by multiculturalism — has gone all but unreported.

An important article by Tim Priest, a retired Australian Police detective, reveals three deeply alarming developments in Australian society: 1) the extent of the aggression and violence by these gangs, 2) the extent of Australia’s denial of this phenomenon, and 3) the extent to which this denial has prevented the police from addressing and controlling it. These gangs were involved in heroin smuggling, extortion, armed robbery, gun running, organised factory and warehouse break-ins and large-scale car theft and conversion. They were extremely violent. But a loss of professional nerve in the Australian police led to a mindset that was more concerned with avoiding hostility by ethnic minorities than tackling crime (identical to the situation in Britain). Confronting even the most minor of misdemeanours in Muslim areas tended to provoke a terrifyingly violent response — to which the police response was abject surrender:
Read it all and pass it on, before political correctness leads to the death of Western Civilization. And while your at it, read the entire Tim Priest article. Then cross your fingers in hope that our leaders and wake up and smell the jihad.

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