Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thoughts on Hamas' Victory

By now everyone has weighed in on the possible ramifications of the New - Improved - Elected - Hamas. And they continue to weigh in across the blogosphere and the MSM. I too must offer my thoughts.

First - Everyone is suprised that Hamas won so big. Even Mossad is surprised. That surprises me. European leaders and press outlets are shocked. That doesn't surprise me. They continue to be blind to reality. Did they not think that their extensive campaign to demonize Israel would not bear some bitter fruit? Their donations to the Palestinians, their kowtowing to the Muslims in their midst, and their irrational support of the "Palestinian Cause" paved the way for more extreme terrorism. They can't pretend that they don't know that they have helped support Palestinian terrorism just as much as Iran and Syria have.

Second - No matter how vile and despicible, no matter how horrendous the Palestinians are in word or deed, the Main Stream Media in the United States will continue to blame Israel for the violence, as in this Detroit Free Press Editorial:
Israel must reconsider some of its own policies, which are at least partly responsible for Hamas' growing popularity over the last five years. It cannot use the election as a reason to adopt an even harder line on issues such as building more settlements that carve up the West Bank. The two-state solution remains the only viable path to peace, but the future Palestinian state must be independent and viable.
Oh, excuse me. Israel is only partly repsonsible for the growth of Hamas. Those nasty Israeli policies of battling terrorists instead of caving in to them are creating more terrorists! How dare a bunch of Jews defend themselves! Have they forgotten how to march into the cattle cars already?

Third - There is a severe case of blindness amongst some people here in the United States too. Take for example former president, Jimmy Carter, who said,
the United States is legally bound to cut off funding for a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

But Carter said Washington should look for other ways to funnel money to Palestinians, perhaps through UN agencies, "so that the people can still continue to have food and shelter and health care and education."
Maybe Mr. Carter hasn't noticed where all of that funneled money has been going these past few years. It certainly hasn't been going to food, shelter, and health care. Here's a clue: guns and bombs. I hope that wasn't too subtle for Mr. Carter.

I'm certainly no expert on the Middle East, but I fully expect Hamas to escalate the war just to show they can. And then, the part that is always sickeningly predictable, Israel will be castigated for fighting back.

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At 11:44 AM, Blogger someguy said...

And to guns and bombs, you could add the money to transport and outfit "peacekeepers" that were guilty of cannibalism (Zaire) and rape (Zaire and everywhere else they went).

Great post, Harry. Like I said at my blog, we've got our work cut out for us.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Harry said...

We certainly do have a lot of work to do. It shouldn't be this way, but the Left seems to have lost its collective mind, aligning itself with its own real enemies against its perceived enemies.

I remember reading about the rape, but cannibalism? It's going to take more than John Bolton to clean up that unholy mess.


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