Sunday, February 26, 2006

More Bad Craziness from Iran

Vanderleun at American Digest offers this analysis of the Iranian reaction to the latest Zionist conspiracy . . . no, not that Zionist conspiracy! The Tom and Jerry Zionist conspiracy!
Now we will pass over this "Iranian expert's" stated belief that Tom & Jerry is a product of "the evil Jewish Walt Disney company." After all, the cartoon's producer MGM was also a Jewish company ( Louis B. Mayer / Walt Disney -- vat's the difference, nu? ). Instead, the video gives you some chilling insight into how the Fascist mind really works. The tone of voice, the calm demeanor, the slick look and the deadpan delivery. You might almost think this person believes every word he says.

And you would be right.

[ . . . ]

It is strange to see this aparatchik of the rising Iranian Reich flatulating away on something as banal as Tom and Jerry cartoons, but as we know from that survivor and keen observer of the last Holocaust of the last century, Hannah Arendt , evil always loves to drape its twisted form in the soft beige shrouds of the banal.

And that is exactly what we can witness here: A well-groomed, well-tailored, soft-spoken man sitting in a room lecturing to attentive students on the "deeper" meaning and purpose of an inane cartoon. His message that oozes out of every word. "Don't be fooled by the charm of the 'mice.' Don't be taken in by their winning, humorous ways. Mice are Jews. Jews are dirty. Jews are filthy. Jews are vermin. Jews must be exterminated. And they are only the first on our list. After them the rest will be easy."

This is what he says and this is what he means down to the last lingering atom of his being. Believe him and remember what he looks like and sounds like. You have heard it for years. You will hear it again.

Men like Hassan Bolkhari cannot be persuaded out of their madness. Hassan Bolkhari believes he is sane and his views are right. Men like this cannot be appeased. They will take the time and the space and the money and any other bribes offered them by the weakened culture of the West, and use every second, every inch and every penny of it to prepare the grave of the West.

The viral madness of the Muslims is not subject to being reasoned with when it is surrounded by millions who share the same dementia. We've seen their deep cultural insanity manifest itself around the world for weeks now. It is not the sad plaint of the "victim," but exactly what it appears to be -- a willful festival of unrestrained violence against any and all that do not share their ghastly vision of a stunted and medieval religion; a religion of peace and toleration, but of brutality and subjegation. And what they learn with every passing day is that the world, so far, is more than willing to let them get away with it. What the world learns with every passing day is that the moderate Muslim is the one who will not burn you until tomorrow or the day after. This is the message that is coming out of this culture in word and deed, while many are deaf and blind to it.
Read the whole thing and make sure you keep it firmly in mind the next time you read some MSM pundit or reporter telling you once again that Islam is the religion of peace. Read it to yourself again the next time you are told that we must try to understand the Muslim point of view as some imams try to deny us the freedoms we hold dear. As Vanderleun points out, they understand us much better than we understand them. They may not have read Sun Tzu, but they certainly understand his principles. They are using that understanding to undermine our civilization. And the truly foolish and deluded among us are helping them.

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At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hanna Barbera made the Tom and Jerry cartoons. I don't know Hanna or Barbera's ethnicity or religion, but I'm guessing Irish-Italian Catholics. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The whole thing is Loony Tunes.

At 5:09 AM, Blogger Harry said...

The Flintstones didn't appear to be Jewish in looks or mannerisms, neither did Huckleberry Hound or anyone else in the HB family. Or maybe they were just very assimilated.

Loony Tunes is right!


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