Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Speaking Truth to Power - For Real

According to the Detroit Free Press, Muslim students at Michigan State University are up in arms over an email sent to MSU's Muslim Student Association by an MSU professor. Here is the entire email as reported in the Free Press:
Dear Moslem Association: As a professor of Mechanical Engineering here at MSU I intened to protest your protest.

I am offended not by cartoons, but by more mundane things like beheadings of civilians, cowardly attacks on public buildings, suicide murders, murders of Catholic priests (the latest in Turkey!), burnings of Christian chirches, the continued persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the imposition of Sharia law on non-Muslims, the rapes of Scandinavain girls and women (called "whores" in your culture), the murder of film directors in Holland, and the rioting and looting in Paris France.

This is what offends me, a soft-spoken person and academic, and many, many, many of my colleagues. I counsul you dissatisfied, agressive, brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Moslems to be very aware of this as you proceed with your infantile "protests."

If you do not like the values of the West -- see the 1st Ammendment -- you are free to leave. I hope for God's sake that most of you choose that option. Please return to your ancestral homelands and build them up yourselves instead of troubling Americans.

Cordially, I. S. Wichman, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
As usual, members of the "Religion of Peace" get extremely offended when someone points out the obvious, as Professor Wichman did. They want action taken to shut this infidel up. That's not how they phrase it of course.
"It was upsetting, yet sad" that a tenured professor could make such comments, said Dawud Walid, executive director of the council (that's CAIR ed.). "It's scary when you think about the power that this gentleman has" as a professor.

Walid said that MSU has the academic and moral obligation to publicly denounce the e-mail, conduct a formal investigation and have sensitivity training on how to deal with Muslims on campus.

The university should "strongly and publicly disassociate themselves from the statement," Walid said.

Azeez said education is most important.

"There's a bigger problem here of racism and discrimination at Michigan State University. Faculty training and sensitivity training are very important to help prevent future incidents like this from occurring," he said.
I still find it amazing that with all of the lip service paid to free speech, and open dialogue on campuses, telling the truth about Islam is still grounds for censorship. As the Free Press does correctly point out:
# Last month, University of Texas biology professor Eric Pianka's comments caused a stir after a report that he advocated death for 90% of the world's population as a means to save the Earth.

After a speech on shrinking animal habitats and the explosion of the human population, the Gazette-Enterprise of Seguin, Texas, quoted Pianka as saying that disease "will control the scourge of humanity."

"HIV is too slow," he said, adding that an Ebola pandemic could wipe out much of the human population.

University of Texas officials didn't plan to take action, citing First Amendment rights.

[ . . ]

# Earlier this year, Northwestern University engineering professor Arthur Butz came under fire for commending Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's assertion that the Holocaust is a myth. University President Henry Bienan said Butz has a right to free speech.

# Last year, University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill came under fire for an essay he wrote after 9/11, asserting that some of the World Trade Center victims were like Nazis who enabled the Holocaust. Because Churchill has tenure, his comments weren't enough to cost him his job.
See, that's all in the realm of free speech because it doesn't upset the delicate sensibilities of members of "The Religion of Peace." We are supposed to believe their official lie - uh - I mean line, that a fine, noble, and peaceful religion has been hijacked by a few misguided extremists . . .

. . . like this one. Yes! This must be one of those hijacking extremists we've heard so much about.

Oh, and look, here are a few more.

And . . . wait a minute, here are a whole mess of "extemists." They don't look very peaceful to me, but I'm not going to say anything about them because I certainly don't want to bruise anyone's feelings. For more photos of extremists, go here, and here and . . . well you get the idea. Let's be honest. There may be one or two more than a few extremists.

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At 7:29 AM, Blogger TJ said...

I wanted to thank you for your comment in my Photo blog. [Inspiring blog. It IS peaceful here.]
Rendering photo's has become a hobby of passion. I see that your blog is also very passionate, I read most entry's on main frame.
I would like to think that all religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree but we know this is not so....as your blog clearly points out.
I too am a Michigander.
Look for the sunshine..it's coming more with each day. Whew..a long winter.


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