Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thoughts Well-Presented

The first well-presented thought is this Dry Bones cartoon. (I would have reprinted it, but it's a gif image, and for some reason I can't get those to reprint.)

The second one is at American Digest.
Lots of commentators have given their opinion on the victory of 9/11 conspiritor Zacarias Moussaoui over the American justice system, but the best one I've read is by Vanderleun. It's called An Open Letter from America to Islam: Please Come and Kill More of Us.
Yes, it's true. We thirst for death. We would like you, at your earliest opportunity, to expunge our guilt by slaughtering us wholesale. We have so much while you, the petulant children of a whacked-out god, oppressed by your own ratty cultures and fascist governments and unable to contribute anything to civilization for over 500 years, have so little except your "trauma" that it is only fair that you get to incinerate more of us at will.

We have a problem with our self-esteem in this country, and that problem is that you are not killing enough of us quickly enough.

We don't ask for much in this regard. We only ask that next time you plan more carefully and thoroughly. We note that, during the unfortunate events of the 11th, only a few of our children were killed by you. They died because they just happened to be on our airplanes that you borrowed for the day.

This is unacceptable to a nation like America that believes in including children in all our important events. After all, they're citizens too. Therefore, please make sure to be more inclusive in the future. If you could please manage a mass hostage taking at, say, The Mall of America that replicates Beslan Massacre where 344 innocent civilians were killed, 186 of them children, we'd turn out for it in droves.

We realize that Beslan is a high-water mark in terms the of bestial slaughter of people who otherwise might enjoy just another boring day of shopping for Prada knockoffs and $300 New Balance sneakers for their kids. Still we know you can rise to the challenge.
Readers are always encourged to "read the whole thing", but you really have to read this one. It's Vanderleun.

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