Friday, August 11, 2006

Feeding the Inner "Islamophobe"

I flew home from Salt Lake City last week. Two of the security workers at the Salt Lake City airport were Muslim women. I'm assuming they were Muslims because they were both wearing hajibs. This caused various thoughts to run through my mind, none of which I thought would be offensive, but I'm sure CAIR would disagree; as if I care. My first thought was that their husbands (or whoever is in charge in their households) must be quite assimilated in order to let these women work outside of the home. Then there was a bit of unease, a tad of resentment, a touch of distrust. Why do we need so much security at airports these days again? Rosicrucians? Druids? Juggaloes? Oh yeah, that small minority of extremists who have hijacked the noble Religion of Peace.

I did try to not prejudge these women. After all, even though the overwhelming majority of terrorists are Muslim, some Muslims are not terrorists. There are even some who are on our side and really do not support terrorism. They could have been two of them. But then . . . as Debbie Schlussel reports:
Dearbornistan Terrorist/Football Player Ali Houssaiky's mother not only works for Aircraft Services International Group (ASIG) at Detroit Metro Airport, but she has a job that allows her access to plenty of sensitive passenger flight information on international and domestic flights, sources at Detroit's Metro Airport tell

The sources say Houssaiky's mother, Nada M. Houssaiky, age 42, "loads the manifests" for flights for Royal Jordanian Airline, USA 3000 (a lowcost airline to Florida), and many other airlines at Metro Detroit airport. What that means is that Houssaiky is a hired contractor who acts as a ticket/gate agent for several airlines at both Detroit Metro Airport's McNamara and Berry Terminals. She checks in all passengers, "loading" them onto the flight manifests.
The sources say it is extremely suspicious that Houssaiky's son says he got the manifests and security checkpoint info from his mother, as the source says that is all confidential information not allowed off airport premises.

So, since her son has been charged with two counts involving terrorism, why is Nada M. Houssaiky still working at Detroit Metro Airport?
Then there is the current big airplane terrorist bust that also, strangely enough involves a small minority of extremists hijacking a noble Religion of Peace.

As if that weren't enough, even though it doesn't involve airplanes, there was this incident which, just like the junior jihadis from Dearbornstan, has Michigan (my home state) connections.
Around 1:00am August 11th the three men purchased cell phones from the Wal-Mart store on M-81 near the corner of M-24 in Caro. Wal-Mart places a limit on the number of cell phones that can be purchased at once, that number is three. The three men allegedly bought 80 by purchasing them three at time so that an alert wouldn't be triggered by the cash register. They also paid cash.

An alert clerk grew suspicious and called Tuscola County central dispatch. The Caro Police Department sent a unit and stopped the rented van on M-81 just east of Caro. The suspects were headed towards Bad Axe on M-81 where there is another Super Wal-Mart.

The three men are described as being of Palestinian descent but live in Texas. Police say the three, ages 19, 22, and 23 appear to be naturalized citizens.

One man was driving while the other two were in the back opening the phone packages with box cutters throwing the phones in one box, batteries in another and the packaging and phone charger in another container. The suspects had 1000 other cell phones in the van. There was also a bag of receipts showing that someone was in Wisconsin the day before.

The phones were Nokia TracFones selling for $20 at Wal-Mart. For your twenty dollars you receive a phone charger and 40 minutes of airtime. The phones do not have to be registered with a name. Also discovered was a laptop with store addresses and store logos.

Tim Nausler with the Michigan State Police bomb squad says this has all the tell tale signs of using cell phones to detonate bombs. He says you need two phones to detonate a bomb one to be with the explosive and the other to make the call to that phone. In some instances he says you can detonate with one phone using the alarm clock function.

The TracFones are a nationwide prepaid wireless phone service and are even offered with international long distance. These phones according to don't even have coverage in the Thumb area where they were purchased.

The men have been "cooperative, upfront, not hiding" anything according to police. They also told officers they get stopped frequently and say they buy the phones for $20 and sell them elsewhere for $38. They sell them without the packaging or charger.

The Caro Police Department, the FBI and the Homeland Security Terrorism Taskforce are involved in the case.
It seems the small minority of extremists trying to hijack a noble Religion of Peace have been extremely busy this past week. Because of this increase of activity (or arrests) I don't feel bad about my discomfort at the Muslim women working security at an airport.

A phobia is an irrational fear. At this point, it would be irrational not to fear Muslims. With all due respect, and I do apologize to the Muslims who are being hurt in body and reputation by Islamic terrorism, they will have to prove to me that they are on our side before I trust them.



At 7:40 PM, Blogger Oren Yoeli said...

Hello... you recently commented on a blog that I commented on.
If your son does eventually want to enlist, contact the Garin Tzabar program at 1 323 658 7301. Ask for Elite, she'll help you out.

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Thanks. I will keep this number for now since he has a few years to go. I assume the blog you're referring to is Israel Matzav.


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