Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Spoiled Child of Religions?

There seems to be no pleasing Islam. The more we give, the more Islam wants. If we dare say the wrong thing, Islam flies immediately into a vicious temper tantrum. You can claim "the Religion of Peace" all you want, but like the saying goes: People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do.

Last year it was madness of the Mohammed cartoons that had Islam in an uproar. The folks that should have disciplined the out-of-control Islam, the MSM and western "leaders" immediately went into full pander mode and condemned free speech while giving a pass to murderous Islamic riots. People have been harrassed and have lost their jobs for pointing out that Islam is violent. The MSM doesn't care. We are supposed to engage in dialogue. We are supposed to reach out with our hand while being answered with bullets and bombs.

Now Islam is upset over a speech by the Pope. And what's the first thing Islam does? Threatens, murders a nun, burns churches, because they contend that the Pope called Islam violent. And again, the MSM and Western leaders, with the notable exception of Australia's John Howard blame the Pope for inflaming Islam. There is mild reference to murder and mayhem by Islam, but the dhimmi-like bowing and scraping by the MSM continues. As this report in the Detroit Free Press shows, Islamic violence is never the fault of Islam.
Reese said the incident makes clear "the Vatican now lacks some of the smart political instincts that John Paul II always had. Last week, there wasn't anybody going over the pope's talk -- before he gave it -- who could go running into his office and say, 'Your Holiness, you just can't say these words!' "
Excuse me, Mr. Reese, but shouldn't someone speak out against the violence rather than the words? Does Islam never have to take responsibility for its actions? Jews do. Christians do. Jews didn't riot over Mel Gibson's recent infamous remarks. There were some mighty strong op-eds and letters, but security did not have to be increased anywhere in Hollywood in expectation of violence.

Does the rest of the world have to watch its language, tip toe around those delicate Islamic sensibilities, never point out the truth that Islam is and has been intolerant and violent toward non-Muslims, that it thinks itself superior even though if not for the fact that it sits squarely upon much of the world's oil supply, we would gladly squash it like a bug for all of the pain it's unleashed on the world over the past 1300 years?

If you believe the MSM and spineless Western leaders, yes we do. It's a good thing many of us reject them.

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