Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Detroit Tigers

Michigan is one of the very few states in the U.S. not enjoying the current economic boom. The Pistons and the Redwings were both "almosts" in this year's play offs. And the Lions? Well, some things are constant and the Lions losing is one of them. Fifty years of rebuilding continue. Hope also continues. But then there are the Tigers. One more win will take them to the World Series. As for now, there is joy in economically depressed Mudville. I'm looking for futher Detroit joy at the end of the series.

When the Tigers won in '84, I did not join in the riots, but I did spend about an hour out on Woodward Ave trading high fives with passing honking motorists. Should the Tigers win again this year, I still will not riot. After all, rioting is bad.



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