Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who is Responsible for Lebanon's Destruction?

There is a great op-ed piece in the Detroit News by Jeannie Weiner. After the insane Hezbollah-terror supporting propaganda by the MSM this past summer, it's refreshing to read an editorial that doesn't regurgitate the latest 2000 year old variation of "blame the Jews".
Lebanon has been a tragic story for decades, but until recently, only Israel, its southern neighbor, and policy makers in the United States have shown concern about the stability of the Lebanese government. When Lebanese Christians were persecuted by Muslims, changing the system of government in Lebanon, the world was quiet. Israel raised concerns, but the response was silence.

When the Palestine Liberation Organization, not welcome in Lebanon, established a terrorist state within a state, again it was the Israelis who sounded the alarm. Now the United Nations and European nations are indignant about the loss of life in Lebanon because Israel can be blamed and the focus of Lebanon's problems is placed at Israel's feet.
[ . . ]

Where has the international community been these past 30 years? Where were shouts of disapproval during the Lebanese civil war -- a war that began with fighting between the Palestinians and Phalangists? Where were the Arab nations and Arab outrage when Syria "occupied" Lebanon?

Fouad Ajami of Johns Hopkins University once said the Arab world has the "condition of a culture yet to take full responsibility for its self-inflicted wounds." To maintain and govern, a society needs to take responsibility for its actions and care for the safety and welfare of its citizens.
I was severely tempted to reprint the whole thing, but I didn't. You should immediately go and read the whole thing.

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