Sunday, December 03, 2006

Six imams walk onto a plane . . .

If you've been following the news, and if it's been reported by your area news sources, you know at least part of the story. Debbie Schlussel has a lot more on the story.
In reference to the removal of the six Muslim gentlemen from flight 300 at the Minneapolis -St. Paul airport last light, prior to the planes departure:

I was a passenger on that flight, sitting in seat 5-E originally and later temporarily sitting in the front row of first class, while waiting for everyone to disembark the plane for a safety check. Having been on the plane, witnessed what transpired first hand and talked at great length with the first class steward regarding other facts, I am "ENRAGED" at the national AND local news reports I have seen this morning.

The facts reported are incomplete and inaccurate. This event was immediately jumped on by their attorney, who told the American people on CNBC they need to get over 911, stop being paranoid about Muslims and he even threatened a huge law suit against US Airways for the discriminating and humiliating treatment of his clients. I am convinced this entire thing may have been done to intimidate not only US Airways, but all airlines and airports in order to get them to back off on their security efforts. This is only part of the real story.

In defense of US Airways: They did a splendid job of handling the situation. No panic was created we felt protected at all times. They did not make a knee jerk reaction as a result of one passenger passing them as note as reported by the media.

Most importantly, the public needs to be told that there was a series of" many suspicious events", which were observed by the crew and several passengers. The captain made his decision based on all of these events and not just one note.

Their attorney is trying to turn this into a "right to pray in a public place issue" and it is not that at all. He is claiming they were removed from the plane for praying in public. And inferring it is wrong to discriminate against them for this. Claiming that we Americans don't understand their religion and their need to pray everyday at specific times, he stated that WE need to be more tolerant of their religious beliefs. He made a statement trying to draw an analogy of the right to carry a bible or a rosary on a plane. This is nothing more than a smoke screen to make this a human rights issue and intimidate the airline industry. They were already claiming discrimination to Fox TV news when I got home from the airport. Something does not smell right here.

This has all of the earmarks of a preplanned "set up" with their attorney all ready to go. I am sure their attorney has made a point of contacting all of you immediately, even last night, in order to get their slanted side of the story out first. Do not be fooled by this propaganda. You in the media have a moral responsibility to investigate all of the facts, not just statements you are fed by them.
Of course, there is more. Go and read it for yourself. This is not a case of "Islamophobia" (since that is a nonsense term anyway). This is a case of an airline crew and passengers standing up for themselves. They will, of course, be pilloried by the fellow travelers on the Left.

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