Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Upcoming Election

With the elections coming upon us fast and furiously, both sides are bombarding us with their message. I don't answer my phone anymore. I am left with messages supporting both Granholm and DeVos in the governors race. I erase the messages.

A week or so ago I was listening to Ed Schultz on the way home from work. He was giving the typical progressive rant on "taking the government out of the hands of the corporations and giving it back to the people." That got me thinking about People's republics. According to
People's Republic

A political organization founded and controlled by a national Communist party.
Personally, that's something I'm not in favor of. Neither the People's Republic of China nor the Democratic People's Republic of Korea impress me as bastions of freedom and enlightenment. If that's what Ed and his progressive pals are leaning toward, you can count me out.

Here in Michigan there is an anti-Affirmative Action proposal on the ballot; the deadly Proposal 2. The Detroit Free Press has pulled out all stops in trying to defeat this thing. Over the past few months, they've run editorials, news stories, and local columns condemning it. Occasionally they give voice to the other side, but they make it sound like if 2 is passed, Black Americans will be returned to slavery. Women will be forced to quit their jobs and remain barefoot and pregnant for the rest of their lives as they are pushed into arranged marriages. Michigan will turn into a third world nation because no business will want to do business with a state that can't legally tell them who to hire based on race or sex. All workplaces, colleges, and universities will be white and male only. Global warming will sink Detroit under water because there will be no female scientists around with the insight to prevent it. In short, they are expending a lot of hot air and trying to scare a lot of people into voting against it. Oops, did I say "scare"? I forgot, it's only Republicans who use scare tactics. The Free Press is being "mainstream."

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At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Jaxebad said...

So you honestly feel that the problem with China and Korea is that they are run by the citizens, NOT that they are run by authoritarians?



At 4:16 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Um, that's kind of the problem. Even though they both claim to be run by "the People", neither one is run by the citizens. Both are actually run either by a small cadre of authoritarian leaders, or by a single dictator. You may want to go back and read the definition of a "people's republic" again.

At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Jaxebad said...

Ok, so you do agree that authoritarianism is the problem!

Then why do you have a problem with Ed Schultz's comments?

At 5:18 PM, Blogger Harry said...

My problem with Ed Schultz's comments is that every revolutionary movement that begins with the call to return power to "the people" ends up being controled by a power-hungry totalitarian thug. That coupled with his recent rant against oil companies because they've been making "too much" money make me think that Big Ed has totalitarian dictatorial leanings.


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