Sunday, March 09, 2008

Writing the Truth About Palestinian Society - Sort of

It took the massacre of 10 teenage Jewish seminary students to do it, but some news outlets are actually seeing fit to condemn the Palestinians. Not all, even in their denunciations though, can bring themselves to use the word "terrorist" to describe Palestinian - uh - terrorists. For example, read the following column by Nolan Finley of the Detroit News.
No matter what atrocities are committed in their name, the Palestinians never forfeit their victim status.

Last week, a gunman burst into a Jerusalem seminary and sprayed it with bullets, killing eight Jewish students and wounding nine. The victims were teenagers and young adults. They weren't soldiers. They were innocents studying to be men of peace. And Palestinians danced in the streets over their deaths.

Did you hear a whisper of protest from the United Nations? Notice any words of denunciation from the European Union? Did the American college professors lobbying to promote suicide bombers to "sacrifice" bombers find anything unseemly about the Gaza jubilation?

All rose rapidly in condemnation when Israel finally lost patience with the relentless barrage of rockets fired into its southern cities by Hamas, demanding the Israelis remove their tanks and troops from the Gaza Strip. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice fretted that Israel would derail her ill-conceived peace process.

But Israel acted in response to unprovoked attacks on its civilians. It did so only after enduring months of daily rocket assaults aimed indiscriminately at homes, hospitals and schools. It was motivated only by self-defense.

The Palestinians who fired the rockets and shot the guns can make no such claims to justify their actions. They are aggressors, aiming to provoke.

And why not? The Palestinians have used violence to further their political goals without consequence. They engage in the genocidal brainwashing of their children, and their supporters pretend it's just harmless rhetoric.

No matter how heinously they behave, no connection is ever drawn between their affinity for bloodshed and the suffering of their people.

Instead, whatever they do is excused as the legitimate response of an oppressed people, and they are time and again brought back into the fold.

No wonder they continue to kill.

There is an unspoken expectation that Israel must endure steady assaults on its sovereignty and security so as not to upset the rotten apple cart that is the Middle East.

The promise is that if Israel sits on its hands and ignores the thousand cuts, it will someday have peace.

What other country would agree to such a flimsy trade-off? What other people would tolerate a shower of bombs without responding?

Israel's reluctant resignation to the violence has not brought it any closer to peace. The only thing that has curtailed the attacks is the construction of a wall between Israel and its tormentors, and even that is denounced, as if there's something unfair about not opening your doors to your would-be killers.

Israel should be permitted -- encouraged -- to sweep the Gaza Strip clean of Hamas and the other militant groups, and should be able to respond to attacks the way any other country would -- by smashing its attackers.

Coddling killers only invites more killing. Those who long for peace in the Middle East must accept that to get there, the killers must be wiped away.
Those are strong words, but the word "terrorist" never shows up does it? And as much as Finley blasts the Palestinians, he still runs a regular column by local Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi, who constantly engages in the very moral inversion that Finley condemns. Why?

Once before, in the aftermath of the Gaza elections that propelled Hamas to power, Finley told the truth about Palestinians and local terror apologists were in an uproar, going so far as to try and pass a resolution in the state house condemning him. Those Islamo-Nazis and their fellow travelers don't like to be exposed as the vile hate mongers that they are. I'm waiting to see if they try the same trick this time. I hope they do, only so that people can see that they really do sanction the murder of Jews by Islamic terrorists. I'm guessing that if they do go on the attack, they will try and camouflage their desire with talk of condemning all terrorism against all innocent people; and yes, this was a tragedy, but-

They always find a way to justify killing Jews.

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At 3:22 PM, Blogger Jungle Mom said...

This was especially sad due to the young age of the victims. If it were reverse, can you imagine the name calling Israel would receive for killing Palestinian children???

At 1:24 AM, Blogger Rancher said...

JM, can you imagine Israelis dancing in the streets and passing out candy in celebration?

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Israelis already get blamed for killing Palestinian children. Hamas uses their children as body armor to make sure that at least some are accidentally killed by Israel, and then there are those who are killed by missiles that don't make it over the border into Israel.

It's good to hear from you again, Rancher.

Not that it's not good to hear from you too, Jungle Mom, but Rancher's been . . . well, you know.


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