Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oppression of the Palestinians is Lightening Up

Yes, that's right, boys and girls. Palestinians are now a bit less oppressed - in Lebanon. But who cares? That's right. Since neither Israel nor Jews are involved, who cares that there were a number of occupations that Palestinians were excluded from? We must acknowledge that that number has gotten smaller, but we must also understand that outside of the Palestinians truly being denied basic human rights, nobody cares. And we can't even refer to them as Palestinian Lebanese, because unlike in Israel, where they have rights and citizenship, Palestinians in Lebanon are kept separate from Lebanese society. Hey, that sounds a lot like - um - what's the word again - oh yeah! Apartheid!

Have any of the alleged supporters of the Palestinians even bothered to ask how many occupations Palestinians were excluded from?
Lebanon expanded employment rights for 400,000 Palestinian refugees Tuesday, changing a decades-old law that many have criticized for keeping the community impoverished and excluded from Lebanese society.

Palestinian leaders in Lebanon and human rights workers welcomed the move, but said it is only a first step toward improving the lives of stateless refugees who have been banned from all but the most menial professions for decades.
And yet, nobody has suggested sending them a flotilla of humanitarian supplies.
Tuesday's decision allows Palestinians to work in the same professions as other foreigners, one of the most serious efforts yet by Lebanon to transform its policies toward the refugees.

But the laws governing foreign workers here pose a unique problem for Palestinians, who are stateless.

Lebanese law restricts some professions only to Lebanese
, while many other professions — such as law, medicine and engineering — require the employees to be members of the relevant professional association.
Shouldn't there be some kind of questioning of this policy? Let's round up some of those - agitated over the "plight of the Palestinians" - human rights advocates. They will certainly have something to say once they hear about this blatant discrimination. You know they would if it took place in that Jewish state just to the south, or if they could convince enough of their deluded followers that it does.
Ali Hamdan, an aide to Lebanon's parliament speaker, said Tuesday's vote will legalize much of the work that many Palestinians already are doing as well as open up positions in fields such as insurance and banking.
At least this will increase their status and popularity at parties. Everyone likes to spend time with insurance agents and bankers at social gatherings. Knock back a few chardonnay spritzers, work your way through complaining about your spouse and kids, tell a few poorly chosen off-color jokes, and actuary tables become fascinating. Palestinians in Lebanon now have it made.
The debate over Palestinians in Lebanon often goes beyond matters of civil rights and touches on the prospect of permanent settlement. Lebanon's population of 4 million is divided between 18 sects, including Sunni and Shiite Muslims, Christians and Druse, and every community is sensitive to anything that could tip the balance of power in a country with a grim history of sectarian strife.
So in the end, Lebanon is a wonderful demonstration on why we should embrace diversity and multiculturalism. Unlike the racist, sexist, zionist, homophobic, Islamophobic, phobophobic, zionist, oppressive, depressive, omnipressive, zionist Israeli Zionist country, where Palestinians have representation in the Knesset and are accepted in all areas of employment, we are free to see, Lebanon, the benefits of diversity and multiculturalism in bringing diverse segments of a multicultural society together to live in mutual hate and distrust. How inspiring.

What time did you say the flotilla was arriving?

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