Friday, March 25, 2005

Who's the obstacle to peace?

There have been varioius articles over the past few days about the expansion of Israell settlements being an obstacle to peace in the Middle East. I was going to remind people that no matter the level of vicious attacks waged by the Palestinians, it's always the Israelis who get the blame for the violence and lack of peace. Then I found this article. It's about the settlements. It's on a Jewish website.

That, of course, raises the question: Why should I believe a Jewish website over a Muslim or a Palestinian website? It's simple. The Palestinians lie. Their entire argument and attempts at legitamization are founded on a constant stream of lies. How can I make this claim? How can you substantiate it?

You could check the archives of major newspapers and see that the facts of the article's explanations square with the news. That would take time, but it would increase your background knowledge of events over the past century.

You could also visit Palestinian websites. Many Muslim and Palestinian websites traffic in holocaust denial, and acceptance of the admitted Russian forgery; The Protocals of the Elders of Zion as fact. They offer bizarre conspiracy theories of Jewish/Zionist control of The Media, Hollywood, The United States, etc. They whitewash, and rewrite history. There are also claims among some Muslim groups that Israelis (and Americans in Iraq) steal body parts from dead Palestinian children. Most of the vile lies passed off as truth in the Muslim world are updated versions of old European anti-Jewish lies. Even the old blood libel is alive and well in the Muslim world. So not only are they proven liars, but they couldn't even come up with their own lies; they appropriated them from Europe. How morally and spiritually bankrupt must a society be to steal the lies of another to make them their own?

The first step to peace in the Middle East is for the Palestinians, and the entire Muslim world to take responsiblility for their actions. They have to grow up and admit that they have created a hate-filled dysfunctional society, and it would be that way even if their were no Jews. Then they have to stop spreading violence. Those Jewish settlements are neighborhoods and cities. Make peace or there will be more.

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