Sunday, May 22, 2005

What, Me Blogging?

Crazy, busy week, this past week, with the usual working, tutoring, shlepping the kids places. That's OK, I thought, I'll be able to do some posting this weekend; this bright sunny weekend that turned out to be a perfect weekend for gardening.

So after spending Friday night driving my son to an event he commited to an hour's drive away, I got up Saturday so my wife and I could go to the gardening store.

Actually there was some free time before we went. I hit a garage sale and picked up an ancient Science Fiction Book Club copy of Inter Ice Age 4 by Kobe Abe.

My wife and I spent most of the day though, completing our flagstone patio and planing some new flora around it. My daughter tended her garden (but I did most of the weeding, sometimes weeds have bugs you know), and my son was off at his far away event. In the evening, my wife and I went to a gala at our synagogue in honor of some long-time members.

More gardening today, even though it rained; household chores, correcting papers, and now I get to sit and wonder: How do the big time bloggers spend all those hours in front of their computers? Do they have jobs? families? periods of sleep?

When I'm done here, I'm going to prepare my weekly note to parents, letting them know about all of the fascinating things we are doing in class. As a special bonus, each and every parent letter is individualized with a progress report letting every parent know how many assignments their little genius has turned in and how many they are missing. Parents love that. Kids hate it.

Maybe I'll have more time to post this week.

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