Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sandra Bernhard Opens her Mouth

There was an article about Sandra Bernhard that ran in the June 9th edition of The Detroit Jewish News, written by Naomi Pferrerman for the Jewish Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. In it, Sandra, who thinks she knows much more than she actually does, has this to say about Condoleeza Rice.
It's more about how much almost compassion I have for her, being trapped in that world, being a black woman, to be so self-loathing.
My first thought was, well, she's a comedian, maybe she's kidding.

But then, while trying unsuccessfully, to find the link to the article, I found this article from December 16, 2003, HOWARD'S HATEFEST by Deborah Orin.
Rice seems to drive liberal woman comics especially nuts. Sandra Bernhard insulted her in racial terms with a “Yes Massa” accent at another Dean fundraiser the same night. Perhaps the pro-Dean comics find it unbearable that the most powerful black woman in U.S. history, close friend to the president and his wife - and a brilliant classical pianist to boot - dares to be a Republican.
Now I'm no expert on what or if Sandra Bernhard is thinking, but between those two quotes, it sounds like Sandra wants Condoleeza to remain "in her place." To say that an accompished woman like Condoleeza Rice is "self-loathing" and "trapped" because she's a black woman working for a republican president is entering the same realm of idiocy claimed by Senator Richard Durbin. I think Sandra Bernhard has the problem with self-loathing. She thinks she can solve her problems by tying a red string around her wrist.

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