Sunday, June 05, 2005

Daniel Schorr

This morning, on NPR, news analyst Daniel Schorr couldn't figure out who to believe in the Guantanamo Bay mishandled Koran controversey. Is the Pentagon telling the truth? Or the Jihadis captured in Afghanistan? Dan admitted, he may never know.

Personally I think he's much too excited to think about anything other than the revealing of Deep Throat. This gave him another opportunity to remind us that he was on Nixon's enemy list. Like many journalists of his pedigree, this was their golden age. Nothing will ever compare to bringing down a sitting president.

He didn't retell the anecdote about Nixon "offering him a job", a story that proves Nixon had a better sense of humor than Mr. Schorr, but I'm sure he has repeated it at other opportunities. In honor of Dandy Daniel Schorr, I humbly offer this poem:

'Twas Nixon that joked with Dan Schorr,
Though Nixon did Dan Schorr abhor,
Retelling old stories,
Of enemy list glories,
Dan Schorr has become quite a bore.

On the other hand, Ben Stein offers a contrary opinion on Deep Throat here. You should read it. It's short.

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