Monday, May 30, 2005

Our Memorial Day Parade

Here in our small suburb that's gone from being small town America, to home of the underclass, to trendy suburb, creating its current economic rebound, we had a Memorial Day parade. It was probably like thousands of others across this great country, except for the one aspect that made ours better than all of the others. My daughter marched in this one. She played her flute with her elementary school band. It was cool. The whole parade lasted about a half hour. It had all of the groups you would expect in a parade: marching bands, public servants, police and fire department, republican party, democratic party, girl scouts, the garden club, the laleche league, and the one group I wish I had a camera for, the peace now group. My wife and I forgot the camera so I can't show you the gigantic flying doves on poles they made out of bedsheets. These are some of the people who remind me of The 40 Year Old Hippie by Ted Richards.



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