Monday, May 30, 2005

Two Opinions

I don't know how it got past the editors, but Mitch Albom has an impressive, thoughtful rebuttal to the immoral terror supporters at Amnesty International. It ran in yesterday's Free Press.

I'm not sure why, but maybe in the name of balance, they also ran this piece of idiocy in the occasional "A Point Well Made" editorial feature. Once again, according to this editorial, we Americans must understand and be more sensitive to the feelings of the Muslim world. If only we weren't so arrogant and insensitive to our Muslim brethren, they would love us and live in peace with us. So even though the Newsweek story of the Koran flushing incident was a fabrication, we still have to understand that - um - that - um - that- Wait a minute! We have to understand that no matter what sort of terrorism is committed by a Muslim, it's the fault of the United States. Well, that certainly simplifies things, doesn't it.

Of course, that's only my interpretation. I'm sure the author, M. A. Muqtedar Khan, chair of the Political Science Department at Adrian College and Director of International Studies would use different words. But hey, I'm only an infidel. I might get confused over these matters.

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