Friday, June 17, 2005

What's Really Important vs. What's Only a Little Important

Today's Detroit Free Press devotes almost a full page to the war in Iraq. All of that page except for about five column inches is devoted to: declining support for the war, demands for an exit strategy, the deaths of U.S. troops; and almost another full page to the story of the accidental shooting of an Iraqi civilian by U.S. troops. There's even a photo of Michigan's contribution to the now-forming Dhimmi party, John Conyers "boldly" demanding more information from the White House on pre-war intelligence.

Buried in one of the articles about "everything going wrong in Iraq", there are three short paragraphs about the capture of Mohammed Khalaf, Zarqawi's main man in Mosul. In a separate but short article (five paragraphs) there is a bare bones story of Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester,
the first female soldier to receive the Silver Star - the nation's third-highest medal for valor - since World War II . . . She killed at least three insurgents with her M4 rifle, according to her award citation.
The full story of the firefight is here at Black Five.

At the risk of holding myself up to ridicule for exposing my naivete, why isn't her whole story being splashed on the front page? OK, maybe not the front page, after all, the Pistons did win last night, tying the series at two all, but at least tell her whole story. Have any women's groups demanded more exposure of her heroics? Or are they still too busy fawning over other brave and bold roll models for our daughters like Jane Fonda?

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