Monday, July 25, 2005

Are We All Londoners?

There has been a great show of solidarity among editorial pages and bloggers around the world since the terrorist attack on London. Many are proclaiming "We're all Londoners". If we really want to show solidarity against the terrorists though, shouldn't we be standing shoulder to shoulder, blog to blog, editorial to editorial, declaring, "We're all Israelis"? London got hit once. We were shocked even though we shouldn't have been. We praised the bravery of London citizenry in their refusal to cower in the face of terror. That's fine.

Israel, however, has been putting up with these murderers for the past 57 years. And few outside of Israel have had the courage or the clear sense of morality to proclaim their solidarity with the Israelis. Not only has Israel not caved in to the terrorists, they've managed to build a thriving country from nothing while battling these vile piles of pig droppings. That kind of steadfastness should be continuously celebrated among the civilized people of the world. Instead, what do the Israelis get from the world press and other "progressives"? Vilification mostly for daring to defend themselves and continuing to enjoy the highest standard of living in the Middle East.

The majority of the world, including that "international bastion of civilization", the U.N. has focused their ire on the Israelis, apolgizing for and excusing terror attacks against the Jewish State, and in some cases, blaming them outright. The terror supporing mayor of London himself, Ken Livingstone looks the London terrorists in the eye while hypocritically supporting those who attack Israelis.

We can and should support the people of London in their fight against terror. But to ignore or disdain the sacrifice and the stamina of the Israelis in this world-wide battle against Islamofascism is not only hypocritical but self-defeating. The countries and governments of the world who are seriously in this fight should be working hand-in-hand with Israel and publicly supporting them. We need to be as united in our aims as the Islamic terror masters are in theirs.

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At 8:20 AM, Blogger Isobel said...

Are they REALLY saying you're all Londoners? Lorks. Back here in London, we know we're Londoners. Which is why we're getting on with life, remembering that we've seen off much worse, in the form of the IRA (who were ironically primarily US-funded), and before that the Blitz... So the actions of four brainwashed little hooligans are obviously not going to scare us!
p.s. thanks for your comment on our blog...

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Isobel said...

pps - please don't call our Red Ken a terror supporter though. That's just plain wrong.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Harry said...

Just to be sure, I did a google-search and came up with a bunch of hits for "We are all Londoners". Me personally? I'm a Michiganian . . . or a Michigander. We haven't agreed on the proper term for someone from Michigan (as if it were even important enough to consider).

As for Red Ken being a terror supporter, perhaps I should have said "enabler" as he welcomed Yusaf al Qaradawi to London. Qaradawi said he considered Palestinian suicide bombers as “an evidence of G-d’s justice". Ken ignores this while condemning Israel for defending itself. There is a bothersome moral equivalence there that encourages terrorists to continue in their murderous ways. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.


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