Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How to Respond to Islamic Violence

Cal Thomas hits the nail on the head with his column, What happened to unconditional surrender?.
DOLGELLAU, Wales — Thank goodness for those history channels that bring back the generals and politicians of the past who, by contrast, make many of today's leaders look indecisive.

I saw President Harry Truman on one of them last week. In a speech to the nation near the end of World War II, Truman rejected suggestions that the Allies seek accommodation with Japan, rather than victory. Truman would have none of it, saying only Japan's "unconditional surrender" would be acceptable.

Contrast that with the conciliatory blather of today. Prime Minister Tony Blair is inviting British and Muslim leaders to a meeting Tuesday at 10 Downing Street where it is reported he will urge worldwide action to uproot what he has called the "evil ideology" and "twisted teaching" that lay behind the London bombings.

Here's what Blair should say to the Muslim leaders: "The onus is on you guys. You find and shut down the terrorists and their network. You turn those who incite, plan and encourage violence over to the authorities. If you don't act, we will by closing and bulldozing the mosques and schools that incubate and instruct the killers, prosecuting the terrorists we find and deporting them and their clerics, and closing our borders to anyone from countries that harbor and teach terrorists. Those who are British citizens will be stripped of their citizenship."
Some people may be put off by Cal Thomas only seeing black and white in this conflict, and being rather stern in his suggested handling of the Muslim community. But I say, when someone is trying to kill you, I think the grey areas coalesce into black and white. At least they do for me. And I'm sure they do for the Islamic terrorists who have declared war on the infidel. After all, for them the world is divided into dar al-Islam, house of Islam; and dar al Harb, house of war. I don't see any grey there, do you?

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