Monday, July 18, 2005

Prison is Too Good for This Kind of Filth

In a previous post, I suggested that Ali al-Timimi the Islamic "scholar" convicted in Virginia for various crimes, be given the death penalty for his crimes, because now he gets to spend many long years, perhaps the rest of his life doing something he feels obligated to do; converting and recuiting criminal Muslims for Jihad.

Apparently, there's something to my argument. (How about that!) According to Mona Charen
Remarkably, the one area in which officials exercise total control; that is, in prisons, the Islamists have found their most fertile soil. This is true in Spain, where the terrorists who bombed Madrid on March 11, 2004, met in prison, and in America where Jose Padilla, who allegedly participated in a plot to explode a dirty bomb in a U.S. city, was converted to Islam in prison. Wilders told the UPI that in Holland, "Our secret service has already known for two years that the recruitment for jihad in mosques and prisons were no longer incidents but a structural phenomenon."

The U.S. Justice Department inspector general warned recently that federal prisoners were being radicalized by religious services performed entirely in Arabic. Even among native-born English-speaking inmates, radical Islam is making inroads. The Bureau of Prisons was cited in 2003 for hiring Wahhabi imams. According to the Associated Press, 25 percent of the inmates at New York's Riker's Island prison are Muslims. It is impossible to know what percentage may be Islamists — but among a population of already disaffected men, it isn't difficult to imagine the allure of an angry faith. The FBI has called America's prisons "fertile ground for extremists."
She also goes on to suggest deportation, and that's a great idea, but if the Muslim in question is an American citizen, that would make deportation less feasible. Besides, this is war. During wartime, spies and traitors are traditionally excecuted.

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