Friday, July 15, 2005

An Interesting Statistic

Janet E. Smith makes some valid points in this Detroit Free Press column about Michigan Governor Granholm's mandating contraceptive coverage by health care plans. I listen to the constant battle between the abstinance based sex-ed folk, and the purveyers of birth control camp and I don't know who to believe. They both have claims and, I'm sure, statistics that back up their opposite arguments. But then I came to these lines.
The widespread promotion and provision of contraceptives inevitably nurtures a cultural acceptance of sex outside of marriage -- precisely what any culture friendly to children should be trying to reduce and prevent.

In 1960, before the pill was available, the unwed pregnancy rate in the United States was 6%; now it is 31%. Figure it out. Contraceptives facilitate sex outside of marriage; sex outside of marriage with or without contraceptives is irresponsible.

Remember: All contraceptives have a significant failure rate as used in the real world. Marriage is the only reliable protection against unwed pregnancy.
Since I began teaching I've met some of those 31 percent, and let me tell you, some of them are quite damaged by the time they get to elementary school. I think I'm leaning toward abstinance education. I'm also against mandating contraceptive coverage (and Viagra coverage). Health care is expensive enough already.

Of course, we know what to call a woman who practices "natural family planning", also addressed in the column, - Mom.

Coincidentally, I found this rather thoughtful essay at Eternity Road, and this rant at Hog On Ice. They're both worth reading.

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