Thursday, July 14, 2005

Islamic "Scholar" Sentenced to Prison

According to this Associated Press article
ALEXANDRIA, Va. - A prominent Islamic scholar who exhorted his followers after the Sept. 11 attacks to join the Taliban and fight U.S. troops was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison.

Ali al-Timimi of Fairfax was convicted in April of soliciting others to levy war against the United States, inducing others to aid the Taliban, and inducing others to use firearms in violation of federal law.
I'm glad that they put him away, but isn't there a bit of treason involved here? He encouraged Americans to fight against their country. In prison, he will spend the rest of his scummy life trying to get criminals to convert to his brand of Islam. Some of them will convert and become radicalized. Some of these criminals will one day walk our streets. Wouldn't the death penalty solve that problem? I do have some problems with the death penalty, but in this case, it may be appropriate.

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