Monday, July 11, 2005

Normalize Me

Unlike Morgan Spurlock, who comes to a conclusion first and then builds a "documentary" to force that conclusion on his audience, Merab Morgan decided to eat nothing but McDonald's for 90 days.
There are many reasons Merab Morgan decided in April to eat nothing but McDonald's fast food for 90 days. There's her weakness for the Filet-O-Fish, slathered with tartar sauce and cheese. And there was that documentary, "Super Size Me," which she thought insulted the intelligence of fat people by implying that they couldn't resist the offer of a gargantuan portion for a few cents extra.

But mainly, the 35-year-old Henderson, N. C., woman concocted this unorthodox diet for herself -- she's memorized the calories in almost every menu item, and limits herself to 1,400 calories a day -- because it fits her life.

At a cost of $9 to $11 for three meals, the single mother of two can afford it. She travels throughout the Raleigh area working construction jobs, and she has never failed to find a McDonald's somewhere. The whole process of ordering and eating a meal takes maybe 5 minutes, and she mostly eats in her car. Sometimes she hits the drive-through only once, ordering enough food to last the whole day. . . .Since April 22, when Morgan launched her diet with a Sausage Burrito and a medium Diet Coke, she's lost 33 pounds, putting her at about 195 pounds. At 5 feet, 9 inches tall, she's dropped from a size 22 or 24 to a size 15. The size 2X and 3X T-shirts she used to wear look like dresses on her. And despite her friends' fears about skyrocketing cholesterol, she feels great.
Tell your friends who became outraged at McDonalds after they saw "Supersize Me" to give it a rest. I never saw the movie, and I only eat at McDonalds occasionally, but it's about time (again) for people to take responsibility for their actions. If they are gaining weight be eating the wrong food and remaining sedentary, then do something about it, etc.

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