Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Reparations? I Want Mine.

Some folks think reparations for slavery are a grand idea. I think it's silly for a number of reasons. William Tucker at The American Enterprise Online has an interesting take on the reparations issue here.
Members of the City Council, I stand before you today to offer you my congratulations for your diligent efforts in ferreting out the past support of slavery by the Wachovia Corporation, the Aetna Insurance Company, and other financial institutions. It is a grim irony that, even today, such corporate entities should still be reaping the benefits from what is without doubt the sorriest chapter of our nation’s history. Not only do your efforts help in setting the historical record straight. They also offer the possibility – through the concept of joint-and-several liability and many other doctrines developed by our nation’s great trial lawyers – that these institutions will at long last be made to pay monetary damages for their past acts.

I would like to direct your attention, however, to an institution with far greater financial resources whose historical role in abetting slavery and resisting its abolition is manifestly clear, yet which, even today, continues to reap benefits from this nefarious record. I speak, of course, of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party was, throughout the 19th century, the party of the South and, ipso facto, the Party of Slavery.
Read the whole thing and see how silly the whole idea is.

Of course if this reparations thing catches on, as a Jew, I not only want reparations from Germany (who would have guessed that?), but also Russia and Poland where my ancestors were abused, demeaned, raped, and murdered for their religious beliefs. I also want money from Mongolia. Russia was ruled by the Mongols for about 300 years and we know they raped and pillaged as all barbarian armies do. Looking at old pictures of great grandparents and their families you can see, even after all these generations, the remaining hints of oriental features. In fact, I dare say they show up in my sister.

In order to avenge the indignities for these and other outrages commited against my ancestors over hundreds of years I demand monetary damages. Only then will my family be able to live in peace with Germans, Russians, Poles, and Mongols, and who knows, we may find others who owe me - uh, I mean - us.

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