Saturday, July 02, 2005

Editing for Meaning at the Detroit Free Press

If you read this Associated Press story headlined, Papers Show Inmates Defy Guantanamo Troops, you're left with the impression that life isn't easy for the guards at Guantanamo. Even though, as Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs points out, AP refers to prisoners "defying" guards, when, upon reading the article, we see they are abusing guards.The guards, on the other hand, get punished for defending themselves.

The Detroit Free Press goes one step further in their partial reprint of the story, which they headline, Documents outline violent Guantanamo encounters. They edit out most of the attacks reported in the original report making it seem like guards were as much as fault as the vicious, homocidal "detainees".

One has to wonder how much further this article will be edited as it moves from source to source, until somebody twists the violence at Guantanamo into being the fault of the guards. One can well imagine a report totally faulting Guantanamo guards falling into the hands some dope of a senator who might then refer to our troops at Guantanamo as Nazis or communists on the senate floor, and - Oops! Never mind.

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