Friday, July 01, 2005

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell turned 75 yesterday. I hope he keeps writing for another 75 years (well, maybe he can take a year or two off for good behavior). One of the good things the The Detroit News has done is carry one of his columns every Saturday for the past many years. The ones they don't run, I read at Jewish World Review. I've also read some of his books. He has a wonderful way of cutting through the common misconceptions, prejudices, and plain lies that plague our society. He does it (with nothing up his sleve) using documented facts and logical arguments based on those facts. It's amazing what can be learned if you're willing to open your mind.

I wasn't always willing to listen. In the beginning, he enraged me with his condemnation of public education. Being a public school teacher, I took it personally. When I did some research though, into educational practices that actually work and brought those practices to the attention of my colleagues and administrators, I discovered the awful truth that Dr. Sowell was right. Most of my colleagues weren't interested, and the administrators brushed me off, even when they saw my results. You can read about that here, and here.

As long as he keeps writing, I'll keep reading him. Besides, I haven't read all of his books yet.

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