Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oops! No Koran Abuse in Nashville

When the alleged Koran abuse story was posted last week on Little Green Footballs, it followed on the footsteps of another report, this one about a teenaged Muslim girl being severly beaten by her brother for dating an infidel.I left the following comment on LGF as sonofsheldon:
To: The Police
From: The Muslim Community
Re: Responding to crimes in the Muslim community.

If we murder our daughters, that is our business, not yours. Stay away.

In all cases of Koran desecration, real, contrived, phony, or imagined; get here NOW.

cc: to the FBI
From my point of view, that of a caring father, some in the Muslim community have their priorities mixed up.

Now we find, according to Michelle Malkin (and from today's Detroit Free Press) the whole incident was a big misunderstanding.
It turns out, you see, that the burnt Koran was left at the mosque by…a Muslim student.

According to the AP, a Muslim Virginia Tech student took responsibility saying he dropped off the burned Koran and other singed materials at the mosque, hoping "it could be given a respectful disposal." Police Lt. Bruce Bradberry reported that the student, who was not named, apparently contacted police last week, "saying he was going to be traveling abroad and didn't know what to do with the Koran, which had been burned in a 2004 house fire. The student said he placed the book and other fire-damaged materials in a bag and left the bag at the Islamic Center with a note, which apparently blew away."

We know that neither CAIR nor any of the other organizations representing the American Muslim community will apologize for their agonized cries of racism, islamophobia, hate crime, un-American behavior, and what ever other claims they could invent to stoke the fires of victimhood. I can live with that. They have their agenda. It's clear to anyone who will listen.

What bothers me are the infidel Americans who buy into this twisted thought process. I still don't know why so many in the MSM side with the enemy. Do they hate Bush so much that they've become irrational? Have they so lost their faith in western values and civilization that they're willing to play into the hands of an inferior, theocratic, culture that is trying to swallow us? I've read and listened to the explanations by pundits that I trust; Dennis Prager, Victor Hanson, and others, but it still doesn't make any sense.

Western civilization has given more to the world in terms of morality, wealth, and innovation than any civilization that has ever existed. No we are not perfect. There is no perfection this side of the grave. But how can people who have landed at the top in terms of wealth, quality of life, and influence embrace such a hateful regime?

As Iowahawk wrote here and especially here in two masterful satirical pieces that earned the wrath, and demonstrated the stupidity of some on the left especially at the Daily Kos:
And the next time one of you chicken martyrs puts on a keffiya and starts babbling about “solidarity with the resistance,” remember this: just because we are planning to kill you last doesn’t make you our buddy.
That doesn't sound very funny, but like the best satire, it tells the truth. And that is definitely the truth. So why don't those resentful dopes on the left get it?

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