Sunday, July 03, 2005

Milton and Rose Friedman Honored

Milton and Rose Friedman were feted this past Monday night. Read about it in this piece by William F. Buckley.
The other night in New York there was a great money-raising party in honor of Milton and Rose Friedman. Those present were true believers, and Milton Friedman is their nativity. That is true in a general sense, since he is the author of definitive studies of the monetary system, and is the American fons et origo of libertarian enterprise. He received a Nobel Prize, endowed the University of Chicago and then the Hoover Institution with his afflatus, and promises his disciples to live forever, along with his brilliant and decorative wife, Rose. He has made a flying start on this guarantee since he is 93 years old, and he and Rose have been married for 67 years.
One of the more amazing books I've read this past year is FREE TO CHOOSE by the Friedmans. Now I want to go into hiding over the rest of the weekend and reread it. I can't say he's my nativity, but I do intend to read the rest of his books.

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