Friday, July 08, 2005

The NEA is Spending my Money How?

As a public school teacher, I'm forced to belong to the National Educational Association. I'm not anti-union. Had I not been forced to, I still would have joined. What troubles me about the NEA is that they have forgotten that they exist to serve teachers and students. Darren at Right on the Left Coast has posts here, here, and here. He linked to this information at Education Intelligence Agency. If, like me, you're a teacher, and you don't like where your NEA dues are going or the kind of activities they're supporting, you will be as sickened as I was reading these posts. If you're a parent, . . . you won't be happy reading this either.

I do know that I can request all of my money back from the union that hasn't been used for collective bargaining. I'm thinking that I might just make some enemies and do some checking into that option.

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